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The Seed Series brings you life-altering messages that celebrate individual differences, who we are at the core, and offers glimpses into our shared humanity.


Pure Potential • Destiny • Intuition

Authors and artists have gathered from around the world to leave legacies, share ancient and ancestral wisdom, open minds, and inspire the future. It has been curated to speak out on subjects that society has been known to shroud in silence.

The Seed Series brings together 27 authors and artists from around the world to offer you their healing magic. These three books reveal the potential that lies within your heart, leads you to uncover possibilities within yourself, and guides you to embrace ultimately creating individual and global transformation.

The Seed Series is for you if:

  • You know you have a gift for the world, a vision of changing lives with sustainable and regenerative ideas.
  • You see your experiences as life's lessons and know you are a lifelong learner on a journey.
  • You challenge yourself to stretch your comfort zone edge, and you're committed to turning your dreams into reality.

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The Seed of Pure Potential

SEED SO ME pure potential authors

The Seed of Destiny

SEED SO ME destiny authors

The Seed of Intuition

SEED SO ME intuition authors

The Seed Series Collection


Contributing Authors in The Seed Series:

The Seed of Pure Potential:

Angela Heart and Robin Daw • Cynthia “OyaGbemi” Barnes • Jermaine “Spirit Buffalo” Reeves • Julia Lewis • Nicole DeAvilla • Ramona Taylor • Radcliffe Johnson • Robin “Osunnike” Scott-Manna • Cristina Laskar and Sebastian Laskar


The Seed of Destiny:

Angela Heart • Dara Bayer • Grace Lawrence • Julia Lewis • Laverne “Nzinga” Gyant • Lisa “AyoDeji” Allen • Michelle Bee • Radcliffe Johnson • Mesfen Manna and Robin “Osunnike” Scott-Manna and Nashid "Koleoso" Fakhrid-Deen (1949-2020)


The Seed of Intuition:

Jenny McFadden • Louise Elliott • Glenys Brown • Pat Southern-Pearce • Lorna Patten • Agnes Barna • Roza Bann • Sorcha Fraser-Swatton • Lee Blackwell

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The Seed Series provides a beautiful tapestry of unique voices coming together in support of the naked truth, universal intelligence, and the divine love of self.

These books are an invaluable resource for:

  • embracing your uniqueness
  • embracing everyone's path
  • nourishing your own hopes and dreams
  • gathering tools from around the world to live your authentic life
  • exploring your own life purpose
  • safely reconnecting to the parts of yourself you've been hiding

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The Seed Series Photobook

A Hardcover Book Featuring Steph Ritz's Photos with Quotes from the Seed Series Authors

Seed Photobook
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Meet the Publisher

Steph Ritz guides holistic professionals to create books and websites as their ghostwriter, editor, graphic designer, photographer, and publisher. She is a world-renowned writing coach and web designer with over two decades of experience in teaching, healing, copywriting, and marketing. She also loves designing book graphics, websites, and logos. As a multi-title bestselling author, she has been developing programs and facilitating events to meet your exact needs with laser precision since early childhood. Steph helps you develop your writing in a way that resonates with your audience. Her deep curiosity allows her to insightfully interpret who you are so you can share your true self with the world – it’s why she helps others gather their flowing ideas within the pages of books.

Sometimes we need someone who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves.

The Seed Series is perfect for those who are trying to hear the voice in their heart and understand what they truly wish for themselves and for the world at a deeper, fuller level.

A Bonus Gift for You

Get Instant Access to Rafael's Healing Music

Steph Ritz stepped into publishing because of her friend Rafael's urgings. Rafael Bejarano was a magnificent shamanic sound healer, who was tragically killed while leading a spiritual sojourn to Egypt's Pyramids back in 2015. You can read about their journey together in The Seed Series.

Before he left for Egypt, he gifted her with a digital copy of his album, The Journey. Today, she is gifting you the same healing magic that he gave her all those years ago.

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