30 Day Writing Challenge

Finding Your Writing Voice

Watch a video every day for 30 days as I walk you through storytelling to build credibility and authenticity into your website copywriting!

Each video shares:

  1. a question
  2. an example of a positioning story

What is a Positioning Story?

Instead of telling me you earned xyz degree, tell me a story of an experience that influenced you during that time so I can see how you came to be the awesomeness that's you. The goal is to create an experience with your words.

You choose the program price!

• Please, will you pay $197 (the suggested rate)?

• Can you only afford $1/day ($30 total)?

• Feeling generous and care to support a worthy cause?

Pick any price and you'll be supporting the voices of black, indigenous, people of color, and minority-owned small businesses!

As a ghostwriter who had written multiple books, I couldn’t figure out how to share examples of my work without giving away the clients - I felt at a loss when I transitioned online. So back in 2015, I decided to rewrite my entire website with positioning stories – the magic I offer as a ghostwriter.

I created a question-based list of ideas I’d want new clients to communicate before beginning, then turned it into a 3-part video series for when a new client would sign up for a ghostwriting retreat or a copywriting deep dive. I called it The Welcome Gift.

A couple years later in 2017, I turned the questions into The 30-Day Writing Challenge. Every day for a month, I filmed an unscripted video.

267 participants wrote with me during that 30-day challenge, and many people were able to write everything needed to build a website (including myself). Many were also able to heal, and called this sequence of questioning a cathartic process. They earned millions and reached billions with their stories.

I surprised myself with some of the truths spoken into existence because of this questioning series. Spirit gave voice to what needed to be heard. Now it’s your turn to find your writing voice.