and Testimonials

Steph Ritz is a game changer. I am in her program now and it's f-in amazing. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to connect more deeply with your vision and express your unique voice online you need to know about Step Ritz.

She masterfully guides you through a process where you gain professional clarity and move into inspired action all in one swoop.

She does this with structured knowledge of branding, platform building and a playful spirit. She doesn't stop challenging you. She will definitely ask you to work the process until you have an online business presence with powerful words, images and videos that mirror your authentic voice. I love this woman!!! She pushes me to dig deeper and we are creating some wonderful things together.



"Steph’s marketing is like the Slow Food movement. It’s not as fast and convenient as traditional marketing, but it creates a higher quality result without the indigestion! Many of us have multiple talents or specialties that we experience as integrated in our own life, but when are speaking to others it can seem overwhelming, not clear and people end up not sure what we do. Steph Ritz helped me understand what it takes so people hear me and see me as an expert. She helped me learn to express myself with clarity and purpose – which led to integrated packages for my coaching clients and rebranding my 2 Minute Yoga website."

~ NICOLE DEAVILLA  | Yoga Professional Academy

Steph has an amazing gift of finding the words I actually meant to say and then writing them in a way that really connected them to who I want to serve. She changed it in a way that really bridges the gap between what I do and what it is that people are looking for. I finally have words that clearly describe what I do. I so appreciated having Steph pull the words out of my head.

~ BRIAN WHETTEN | Selling By Giving

Steph is an extraordinary listener, who listens to what's behind the words, to extract the unique and powerful messages for propelling heart centered entrepreneurs, and celebrities to business and personal success.

~ GINA LAVERY | Corporate Coach

Steph took my words, my intimate work I know very well, and asked the correct questions and phrased things in a way that my clients would be able to understand me and the work I do, the contribution I can make to their lives in a way that was so me, and feels so simple. Having Steph make sense of it from the clients' perspective was magical.

~ YOLANDA COMARAN | Adoption Success Coach

Steph helped me bring to life something that's been in the making for decades. It's like I was delivering a baby and Steph was the doula helping me give life to something that I wanted to do in a very natural way. I came to Steph for the writing part of the branding of a product, and I walked out with so much more.

What surprised me through this experience was discovering the worth of my work - the value I'm bringing to my clients. My stress level has gone down, and now I feel like I can own my work from a more professional space. When somebody reads my story, they instantly know what they're coming for and what they're enrolling with me. It's a huge relief for me.

~ DR. AMANDA DIEP T.C.M.D. | Founder of Exige Spa

Steph is an amazing help - my support and edge pusher. I don't know where I'd be without her! I'd be struggling - that's for sure! INCREDIBLE!!! I could tell this was going to be amazing for me and my business.

She helped me lay the foundation for the culture of my business, as well as making delegation so much easier.

I hired her because from every encounter we have, I walk away feeling like she has organized some part of my life or business that I was blind to. She has this way of seeing things that leaves me in awe ALL of the time.I can not recommend working with her enough. She is fun, sweet, serious, EXTREMELY productive, and makes sure that your needs are getting met. She doesn't just give out a template, and let you figure the rest out. She is there with you, making sure that you get what you and your business needs, and makes sure you are doing it.


I am thankful for Steph's skill, expertise, and writing wisdom! I am so thrilled with the outcome of our process together. I feel prepared to move forward with the final aspects of the website...and I have enthusiasm to do so! Who knew?

My work with Steph helped me see my own inner barriers and helped me find my voice. It's funny, I can find my voice when teaching, but struggle when writing. What was really beautiful for me is that she allowed me to be able speak what I want to offer and helped me to find the truth of that so I could get it into words and put it out on a website.

This has been beyond my expectations of what I ever could have thought could happen.

Honestly, I'm so grateful. Steph Ritz has such a skill - and it's not just a skill with words. I think she has a great skill of sitting with people and really holding that space for people to try to figure it out and I'm going to have a great website because of it.

~ STEPHANIE LOPEZ, LISW-S | Director of Operations: Integrative Restoration Institute