Hybrid Publishing

Plus Ghostwriting & Editing

A hybrid between self-publishing and hiring a small publisher

Under the imprint "Ritz Books" yet managed from your own Amazon KDP account, so you get 100% of the royalties (after Amazon's cut), and you get complete control of ordering, price, and post-production editing.

Ghostwriting & Editing

  • Have your stories interviewed out of you, recorded, and transcribed.
  • Be expertly guided to tell stories, dream, and ideas.
  • Have your rough draft(s) reviewed for strengths and weaknesses to develop your writing.
  • Get notes for ideas, organization, voice, word choice, fluency, and conventions (line editing).
  • Have your text reviewed for accuracy and completion.

Hybrid Publishing

  • Ritz Books sets up your paperback book on YOUR Amazon KDP account.
  • Includes ISBN registration, paperback book layout in Microsoft Word, and cover design with Photoshop.

Whether you're writing a stage talk, webinar, poetry book, course curriculum, or your personal memoirs, this publishing journey is designed to support you as you write stories that change the world.

Does this sound like the conversation running around your head?

I am terrified of actually telling my story. Parts of it, fine, but the whole thing?! That's asking too much. There are parts of my past I have tucked away, hoping to never have to revisit them again. In all honesty, there are big chunks of my story that I haven’t told because I have no clue how to form the story as a message. I don’t know if I really want to open up and share. And yes, I’m afraid of hurting others (and possibly myself) in the process.

The reality is that it’s time. The years have brought distance and your experiences transformed you. It’s a whole new world.

Part 1: Ghostwriting + Editing

Goal: Write inspirational stories that naturally position you as an expert, and feel supported as you breathe life into stories about your life experience.

  • 3 ghostwriting 2-hour sessions.
  • 3 editing 2-hour sessions, with submissions of 1/3 of your book (via Google Drive @ 3-60 pages or up to 20,000 words to receive revision notes.

April 7 – September 15
Fridays 4pm – 6pm Pacific

  • 22 group 2-hour weekly Zoom sessions Fridays 4–6pm PST
  • Weekly submissions (via Google Drive) due Fridays by 9am
  • 3 private Ghostwriting sessions, 2-hour sessions in April, May, June
  • 3 private Editing sessions, 2-hour sessions in May, June, and July

Part 2: Book Publishing

A hybrid between self-publishing and hiring a small publisher - under the imprint "Ritz Books" yet managed from your own Amazon KDP account, so you get 100% of the royalties (after Amazon's cut), where you get complete control of ordering, price, and editing.

  • Up to 88 of text in a 6x9 book = 20-40k words, depending on formatting.
  • 8 half-hour private meetings for manuscript layout, cover design, and technical bits to go over 3 rounds of revisions.

Optional add ons:

  • Length @ $11/book page
  • Formats @ $1,100/ea (Kindle/Hardcover)
  • Graphic design @ $88/hr

September – December

  • 8) 30-min Private Publishing Sessions
  • Choose up to 10 images from Depositphotos.com
  • Have an idea of what you’d like to see Steph create


When it comes to getting organized, you are your best resource.

You’re the only one with your unique knowledge set and you are a primary resource. It’s your experiences and understanding that we crave. How do you take your awareness and turn it into actions that can be developed into tangible goals?

That’s where developmental editing comes into play. How can you diversify your thinking?


$11,997 or 8 monthly payments due 1st of each month

2023 Mastermind special:
half price pay in full

Publishing Timeline, Details, and Deadlines

We collaborate on:

  • 1 half-hour handoff: edited manuscript & cover content (by Sept 22).
  • 2 half-hour sessions for interior layout (Sept & Oct).
  • 2 half-hour sessions for cover design (Oct & Nov).
  • 1 half-hour sign-off: manuscript & cover (by Dec 1).
  • 1 half-hour session to upload your book to Amazon KDP (by Dec 1).
  • 1 half-hour session to set up your Amazon author page (by Dec 21).

You receive:

  • 100% royalties (after Amazon's cut).
  • Control to set the price, order at cost, and manage edits.
  • Total control post-project: editable Photoshop cover & MS Word manuscript.
  • All rights to re-publish/repurpose wherever/whenever.

You deliver:

  • Line-edited manuscript up to 88+ book pages (by Sept 22).
  • Optional dedication & Call-to-Action (by Sept 22).
  • Cover content: bio, summary, testimonial (by Oct 11).
  • Cover content: headshot & mock design (by Oct 11).
  • 3 submissions of text edits (by Nov 22).
  • 3 submissions of cover edits (by Nov 22).

I deliver:

  • Interior layout (due Oct 11).
  • Interior cover page, Legal page, and Table of Contents (draft due Oct 11).
  • Cover design via Depositphotos.com max 10 images (draft due Oct 11).
  • ISBNs and barcodes for book.

You include:

  • Ritz Books Publishing logo on interior cover page.
  • Ritz Books Publishing logo, bio, & url on copyright page.
  • Ritz Books Publishing logo & url on back cover (approx size of barcode)
  • Ritz Books Publishing logo on Kindle cover (if added)

Editing Expectations:

  • Own it - believe what you're writing.
  • Read it aloud, yes speak the words.
  • Find better words than: That, This, So, But, Got, etc.
  • Write your book 3x: first draft, developmental edits, and final revisions for flow.
  • Put in more time than me on your book, especially when it comes to rereading and rewriting.
  • Hire a separate line editor for your manuscript before submitting for publishing.

Publishing Expectations:

  • If I, as your publisher, don't know what you're saying, I'm not going to publish it.
  • My expectations for you are the minimum standards as expected for 6th graders nationally in the USA… hopefully you exceed the minimum. https://www.education.com/common-core/sixth-grade/ela/
  • Your manuscript will be rejected for revisions if it still needs work.
  • If you miss your due dates and deadlines, there is no obligation to publish your work.

Ritz Books guides visionary leaders to create books, presentations, websites, and educational materials for professional and personal development, self-improvement, and online learning. We support authors as they voice their passions with stories that change the world. Do you have a book idea or have you already written a manuscript you'd like Ritz Books to consider publishing?