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Come be a part of the next collection of life-altering messages that create legacies, share ancient and ancestral wisdom, open minds, and inspire the future... with stories that change the world!

Ritz Books collaborations are curated to speak out on subjects that society has been known to shroud in silence, with life-altering messages that celebrate individual differences, who we are at the core, and offers glimpses into our shared humanity.

Collaboration books bring together various voices, visions, and values to shed light on a single shared subject. Each author and artist participating in the book project receives structured support throughout the process.

We'll be lifting each other up together in collaboration as we implement choose-your-own-adventure strategies and mad-libs-style templates to create Writing That Converts.

Are you a holistic professional or heart-centered entrepreneur? With transparency, my goal is to show you how you can create experiences with your words.

I invite you to deep dive into my unique writing methodology. I turned my ultra-successful copywriting methods into templates, and designed a program to guide you through creating 15 core aspects of writing online. I'm thrilled to share with you the tools I've used to help my clients sky rocket their businesses.

This program is to develop branded words and create clear marketing aligned with a profit plan, so you can build your web presence, develop a quality website, and transform your community... all while writing a book!

100% of this book's royalties support Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) voices and minority-owned small businesses.

Collaborative Book Writing & Copywriting

Starts June 6 2024
Thursdays 4pm-5pm Pacific

15 pages in a 6x9 book

  • 11 pages in 6x9 book = 3,300ish words
  • Plus bio page @ 150 words max
  • Plus summary page @ 250 words max
  • Plus offer pages @ 500 words max
  • Plus Kindle Edition

3 Private 1-hour Sessions with Steph Ritz

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing
  • Copywriting

Open Office Hours

  • Second Fridays @ 4pm Pacific
  • Monthly implementation sessions focused on curriculum, storytelling, website copy, and your immediate needs

15 Week Group Program:

  • Thursdays @ 4-5pm Pacific
  • June 6 - Sept 19, 2024
  • Writing That Converts (Copywriting)
  • Book Writing Mastermind

Publishing Extras

  • Amazon Bestseller Campaign Plan
  • Marketing Materials (pictures/words)

1. Voice Brand Brief

2. Author Speaker Bio

3. Homepage Positioning

4. About Page Story

5. Sales Pages

6. Experience Design

7. Video Scripting

8. Marketing Talking Points

9. Opt-in Sequence

10. Welcome Sequence

11. Story Weaving

12. Platform Profit Plan

13. Your Heart Message

14. Healed Writing

15. Integrated Marketing

Steph's methods are so visionary that, even after delivering proven results for the past 15 years, they're still considered cutting-edge.

Interactive Copywriting Course + Book Writing Mastermind

15 live Zoom sessions, so you can leverage everything within this program, with session transcriptions.

3 Private Sessions with Steph Ritz

THREE 60-minute private Zooms with Steph, with session transcriptions.

Amazon Publishing with Ritz Books

15 pages in a 6x9 book (with optional opt-in funnel), plus Kindle Edition


Copywriting Feedback

Steph offers revision tips on EVERY Writing That Converts submission that's shared in her Voice Your Passions Facebook group for a year after your program ends.

($497 value)

Finding Your Writing Voice

Get instant access to Steph's 3-part video course to find your voice, shape your ideas into organized actions, and voice your passions.

And get The 30 Day Writing Challenge too!

($197 value)

$2,200 per chapter

Half Price Pay-in-Full

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A Note From Steph:

I have a deep passion for shaping ideas into a journey of understanding. I've been told one of my greatest strengths is turning what you're saying into what you meant to say so your words can transform your community. It's my honor to help you translate the pivotal moments of your journey into tangible solutions for your audience.

Please don’t underestimate the power of sharing your message with the world.

Never would I have imagined when by saying yes to writing my second book, that the preview article would be picked up by a famous magazine and 500,000 copies would be printed.

Never could I imagine how over the next decade, I’d get to see my positioning and marketing techniques support clients in getting international distribution, helping billions of people around the world heal.

If you've ever wanted to tell your story, or write a book, now is the time to get started!

Do you want to be a featured author?

Here's 5 extras only the featured authors receive:

  1. Name on Front Cover

  2. First authors listed on Amazon

  3. 20-min video interview

  4. Up to 30 6x9 pages

  5. Extra marketing materials

Pull back the curtain and let your community see why your ideas are indispensable.

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Meet all deadlines:
    • August 1 - Rough Draft Due
    • September 1 - Bio/Summary Due
    • October 1 - Final Chapter Due
  • Have your final chapter reviewed/edited by 2-3 people before submitting.
  • Submit a crisp, clear, color, and current headshot (looking at camera not profile).
  • Attend all (3) private sessions.
  • Attend most group Zooms.
  • Attend Zoom launch party.
  • Invite people to purchase book.

You retain all rights to your content, I just ask you to wait 30-ish days post launch party so we can all focus on turning the book into a movement with a best seller campaign.


Align your intentions and actions with your heart message with these authentic communication techniques.


Kevin Jodrey

Finding Steph is like finding a golden needle in a haystack. It's been great having her as a guide. I really enjoyed creating the phraseology, a standardized language that's psychologically driven. Thanks to all Steph's hard work, it was a true deep dive! Grateful is how I feel... It was a pleasure to work with Steph on this and I look forward to more time. She's badass at her craft.


Yolanda Comaran

Steph took my words, my intimate work I know very well, and asked the correct questions and phrased things in a way that my clients would be able to understand me and the work I do, the contribution I can make to their lives in a way that was so me, and feels so simple. Having Steph make sense of it from the clients’ perspective was magical.


Brian Whetten

Steph has an amazing gift of finding the words I actually meant to say and then writing them in a way that really connected them to who I want to serve. She changed it in a way that really bridges the gap between what I do and what it is that people are looking for. I finally have words that clearly describe what I do. I so appreciated having Steph pull the words out of my head.

There are many shades of beliefs...

Remember, you are the primary resource of your chapter - this is the place to share your stories, experiences, ideas, and knowledge with the world. These collaborations are designed to honor and respect each other's beliefs, differences, and similarities. On rare occasion, you may be asked to rewrite a submission if it infringes on another human's rights.