Publishing in Today's World

Q&A Zoom:
May 31 @ 4pm Pacific

(discounts offered to attendees)

Hey friends!

Do you feel a deep calling to have a lasting impact on this world? Come be a part of the next collection of life-altering messages that create legacies, share ancient and ancestral wisdom, open minds, and inspire the future... with stories that change the world!

This Q&A Session is live on Zoom and interactive.

Over the past two decades, I’ve guided thousands of people on their writing journey, and I would love to support you too. Communication meets basic psychological human needs and creates understanding, awareness, and acceptance - it’s quite possible to share your stories in a way that supports your business, your community, and betters the world.

Join me May 31st @4pm Pacific, where you’ll learn:

✔ What's self-publishing vs. traditional publishing vs. hybrid publishing?

✔ Who gets the royalties, copyright, and pricing control?

✔ What's the projected revenue or Return on Investment?

✔ What all comes with my purchase for collaboration vs hybrid publishing?

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