Let's end this year with some bomb diggity content creation!

Live and Interactive (FREE) December Zoom Trainings
Fridays @ 4pm ~ December 8 & December 15

2024 Marketing Map - Reverse Engineer Your Year
December 8 @ 4pm Pacific Friday

  • Seasonal Monthly Topics
  • Content Creation Calendar System
  • Advocacy Talking Points

Every year I run myself through the same content planning system I developed 10+ years ago. Seriously, every year. Sometimes twice a year. When I first moved to California, I went through my system and wrote 100-page outline where I created a crystal clear plan for the next phase of my business. It took 5 years to accomplish everything I set out to do, but man-oh-man it was easy and effortless to follow a self-drawn map that I could simply follow.

SEO Strategy - Integrated Content Marketing
December 15 @ 4pm Pacific Friday

  • How Amazon, Google & Social Media talk to each other.
  • Bestseller algorithms, best practices and important updates for 2024.
  • Amazon categories - book titles, subtitles, and chapters

I've spent the past 15 years studying how descriptions and titles impact Google, Amazon, and social media rankings. My very first official business lesson was from my mom, days before her death, as she taught me how to title and record all of my step-dad's art that had been found around the house since his death... World War II sketchbooks, underpaintings, and so many things that he'd never gotten around to cataloging before his death. I can still hear my mom's voice telling me that the titles had to be "concrete and tangible". Of course, a year later when I was adding the drawings into my step-dad's autobiography and sorting hundreds of image files that I had to admit she was right! Turns out my first SEO (search engine optimization) lesson would guide me my entire career. Thanks Momma!

I'd love to help you boost your business efficiently, effortlessly, and organically! Let's party on Zoom this Friday!