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When I first needed a website back in 2013, I built myself a 5-page WordPress website over a 3-day weekend.

I watched tutorials, used a Pinterest branding board I'd built for myself, picked some of my photography to match my branding, wrote words for the home page, about page, services, and contact pages, and even built an opt-in signup for my blog.

I went from nothing to something in 3 days. Then I spent the next month marketing myself (on video) to holistic professionals in a Facebook group.

Instantly, I was told it was impossible to build a website in a weekend - over and over, people told me: "It just can't be done!"

Ummm, but I'd already done it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was so confused!

(And I've done it dozens of times over the past 10 years, even though people still say it can't be done.)

Ritz Books

Even though WordPress was new to me back in 2013, I'd been professionally copywriting, web designing, branding, and photographing for over a decade already.

And I've always been a tech geek... so yes, I found building my first WordPress website ultra-easy.

But I've watch almost every author I've ever worked with as they struggle with their websites.

I've seen them buy websites that would never get built, sites that were built wrong and "break" the second you try to edit anything, and sites that failed to meet SEO basic best practices.

I've made it my mission to help others make WordPress as easy for YOU as it is for me.

WordPress Websites in a Pinch

A "pinch pages website" is a minimal DIY website,
with setup done-for-you and edits done-with-you.

You Supply:

  • Domain
  • Hosting (I recommend SiteGround)
  • Copywriting words
  • Images (headshots, original images)
  • Branding notes (fonts, colors, feel)

I supply:

  • WordPress setup with my pro themes, plugins, and design aesthetic.
  • Up to 10 stock images from (for backgrounds)
  • THREE 1-hour meetings for initial handoff/branding, edits, and final handoff.

What to expect:

It's hard to explain what you'll get by the end. The more you supply for me, the more I can build for you.

  • Give me nothing but the most minimal of stuff, and you'll end up with a 1-2 page website.
  • Give me words for your about page, offer page, opt-in gift, or whatever, and you'll end up with 3-5+ pages on your website.

The goal is to empower you to run your own website. It's hard to give you examples of what I've built, because as soon as we finish our 3 sessions, the site is yours to edit however you like...

Some people leave their Pinch Pages website as designed. Some start making tweaks and changes right away. Google SEO prefers for you to make updates at least once a month.

ritz branding

These sites are designed to be easy!

Yes, you'll need to log into your site at least a couple times a year to approve system updates. Besides that, you can choose to let it run itself or build/rebuild anytime the whim catches you.


Our Three Sessions

1. The initial handoff session is focused on branding (colors, pictures, feel, focus).

Between the first and second sessions, I'll prep most of your images offline, start tech setup, and start to put all the pieces together.

2. When it's up and ready (but not published for the public yet) is when we next meet.

The goal is to make adjustments together, and then to hit publish before the end of the call.

3. The final 1-hour session is to help you learn enough that you'll be able to edit your own words or images in the future, or to enable you to communicate your web needs to another with ease.

My focus for you during the remaining session is to get your site up and matching your aesthetic, empower you to keep your site updated, and set you up for the future of your website.

Some Ritz-Built Websites:

Grace asked me to build her a website while she was writing her chapter for The Seed Series collaboration books. She provided a few pictures and a logo, and we re-imagined her book bio and summary into website words.

Back in 2014, Cristina was the first person to ever buy a website from me. Her website was built with zero direction, just a collection of documents from the past 9 years working together, pictures from a multitude of photoshoots, and her chapter in The Seed Series collaboration books.

Osunnike's website underwent a total rebrand and redesign. It includes custom graphics, new photographs, and offer reorganization.

So far, Angela has published 3 of her own book and written in two collaborations. With photoshoots, branding, logo design, WordPress lessons, and more, Angela took the site I built for her and now builds her own website pages.

I branded and built Matt an informational website many many years ago, and (for a while) he had someone else running a separate WordPress WooCommerce website. When Matt's ecommerce guy let him go, I expanded the website I managed to also include his ecommerce store under one roof, and have handed over control to the owners so they never get PINCHED again!

Michelle was one of my first Pinch Pages clients, and she has learned my system inside and out. She builds and tweaks her pages regularly to match her current offerings.

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Do you have a book idea or have you already written a manuscript you'd like Ritz Books to consider publishing along with a new website?