What You Need to Know About AI and SEO Before Publishing on Amazon KDP in 2024

What you need to know about AI and SEO before you publish on Amazon KDP in 2024

Amazon KDP book publishing is rapidly shifting because of AI – including changing how social media, Google, and Amazon work together.

As a publisher, copywriter, and tech geek, I was recently invited to speak to a Mindvalley group, sharing my best kept secrets to publishing via Amazon KDP, including how SEO and AI can help you become a bestselling author.

This 30-minute presentation covers crucial topics about publishing on Amazon KDP in 2024, including:

  • How AI is changing publishing and marketing.
  • How to SEO your book cover and manuscript.
  • How to run a bestseller campaign.

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AI's impact on publishing, including Amazon's involvement with Anthropic.

  • How AI is affecting publishing and marketing.
  • The impact of AI and insights on how to grow reach and sales.
  • Amazon rolling out AI in two phases.

Amazon's AI-powered content creation and categorization.

  • Amazon's definitions and interpretations for AI generated content creation.
  • The importance of disclosure when using AI-generated content.
  • How Amazon's AI analyzes SEO to ensure accuracy and relevance.

AI's impact on book publishing, including changes in how social media, Google, and Amazon work together.

  • How AI has changed Amazon's support system, making it more efficient and accurate.
  • How AI auto-links books and authors on Amazon, and how it has improved the book launch process.

Publishing on Amazon, AI tools, and book marketing.

  • How AI can enhance communication but is not the foundation of a successful content strategy.
  • Amazon's pre-publication option, noting its benefits and limitations.

Book publishing and Amazon's algorithm changes.

  • Authors face consequences for promoting books before they exist on platforms like Instagram.
  • AI-generated content regulations, emphasizing the importance of verifiability and disclosure.